Working Families for Harry Reid

2008 Re-Election Campaign

When the United States Senate Majority Leader asks you for help, you do whatever you can to accommodate his request. CCG was honored to have played a major role in one of the most well run political campaigns of the 21st century. Our mission was to coordinate media efforts and overall messaging aimed at reaching the African American, Latino and Asian communities on behalf of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. We developed a comprehensive strategy that consisted of messages conveyed via print, poster, radio and online advertisements. In many instances, we utilized the brand strengths of President Obama alongside the Senator to create a unified face for the voters. We were extremely successful as we had record turnouts at the polls and the Senator won unanimously. Many politicos and media reports noted the flawlessness of the campaign.

I Care. I Can. I Caucus.

2008 Democratic Presidential Caucus

As Americans, nothing is more important than our right to vote. That's why when the Nevada State Democratic Party approached us looking for a new campaign to increase voter awareness for the state's 1st Democratic Presidential Caucus we couldn't refuse. CCG developed a number of different tools for carrying out this important task, including posters, radio spots, direct mailers and email blasts that were designed with a focus on encouraging voters to do something they've never done before. Our campaign bridged the generational gap and helped inspire an electorate to participate in Nevada's first Democratic Presidential caucus. Our campaign was met with unprecedented success as over 117,000 Democrats, about 30% of registered Democrats, stood up and were counted. That's 12 times more than the 9,000 Democrats that voted in 2004.

Tropicana Las Vegas Direct Mail

At CrearMagnum, we took on a Direct Mail project for the Tropicana Las Vegas for their New Year’s Eve 2017 Gala. The direct mail was customized and sent to both active and inactive guests. We were able to aid the Tropicana Las Vegas in copy direction, design, and best marketing practices to help make this event a success.

SLS Las Vegas Direct Mail

When SLS Las Vegas came to us for help with their Smokin’ Aces Blackjack Tournament, we helped them plan out and schedule their direct mail campaign. We were able to accurately capture the attention of SLS’ target audience, and in return made the Blackjack Tournament a big hit among their guests.

Tropicana Las Vegas Ads

The Tropicana Las Vegas approached us for assistance on their advertisement project for their Cruise Certificate Giveaway. We were able to successfully carry out this project that included the production of print advertisements, which were displayed around the casino property.

SLS Las Vegas Ads

SLS Las Vegas used the help of CrearMagnum to carry out their $250,000 Flowers of Cash advertisement campaign. Our team of advertising experts worked with SLS to form the campaign direction and assisted in copy creation and the design work.

Downtown Grand Direct Mail

Our experts at CrearMagnum were happy to assist Downtown Grand with their $50,000 Grand Aces direct mail campaign. We worked under strict deadlines to produce high-quality work in time for this mailer to be shipped to active casino guests. We are happy to report that this blackjack tournament was made into a success.

Belly Bliss Website

Belly Bliss is Las Vegas’ premier prenatal wellness spa in partnership with Desert Perinatal Associates.  Expecting mothers can find an array of services to experience ultimate relaxation. Guests can enjoy a soothing massage, purchase merchandise specifically catered to them, or take educational classes designed to educate new mothers.

We were very proud to partner with Belly Bliss in designing their website, and provide the community with these unmet, very important needs. By creating a website that is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, we were ultimately able to assist the company in gaining new customers.


2012 Presidential Election Voter Campaign

The mission of the NAACP National Voter Fund (NVF) is to increase voter turnout in African American communities, engage in issue advocacy and educate voters on candidates' positions on civil rights. CCG was retained by the NAACP Voter Fund and Five-Squared Strategy to create a branded and comprehensive campaign to register voters and get them out to vote for the 2012 Presidential Election. The campaign consisted of canvassers, collateral, radio and direct mail. The campaign was highly effective as the election generated the largest turn out of voters in the nation's history.


We were able to assist in the creative direction of our client’s Paella Cookbook. Between copy, design, and digital advertising tactics, we were able to help the client create a strong brand presence, which helped capture the attention of potential buyers and ultimately grew their revenue more than expected.

Downtown Grand Posters

Downtown Grand approached us for our help with their “Spring Into Yoga Fest” poster campaign. We had to use our knowledge to appeal to a very specific target audience, and we were able to create an appealing design and marketing plan to attract that target audience. The result of this campaign turned into pure gold!

Downtown Grand Posters 2

Downtown Grand reached out to us to assist with another poster campaign. This time, we helped with advertising for their Bikini Beer Festival. This poster campaign was targeted towards active and inactive guests. Our creative team worked together to make a successful poster campaign.